a distributed PGP keyserver project based on the dat protocol

Similar to sks-keyserver, dat-keyserver is a PGP keyserver that provides a distributed, decentralized platform to share and search PGP public keys.

It is built with technology from the dat project, a peer-to-peer web protocol. More specifically, it uses hyperdb, a distributed database, and hyperdiscovery, a peer discovery and replication system.

When browsing sks keyservers I noticed that most were very slow to search and fetch keys, and some just did not work at all... cough MIT cough. This inspired me to try and build a new solution, something that used some new and exciting technology. I had experimented with some components of the dat ecosystem before, and saw hyperdb in particular as a perfect fit for this project.

I have a node running here, try searching 'tom' to find my public key.

If you want to run a node, follow the instructions in the README, linked above. Feel free to start your own pool or join mine with the key:


Keys will be replicated to all nodes within a pool, but not between pools. Bear this in mind if you are thinking of starting a new pool, as you will be starting with no data.

Want to get in touch? You can email me at or message me via Twitter at @tdjsnelling.

You can also check out more work over at GitHub.