Published 2024

Observe the emanations of the Pythia.

HIEROPHANT is a creative (artistic?) project that utilises modern LLM technology to produce a daily prophesy or ‘emanation’. It is primarily inspired by the Pythia, or the Oracle of Delphi.

GPT-4 is used to create the daily emanations, which are intentionally vague and esoteric, much like a horoscope.

I have been updating the prompt every now and then to tweak the desired output, which I think gives an interesting ‘evolving’ quality to the prophecies. The LLM is also instructed to make the next message sufficiently different from recent ones, which are fed back to it.

Screenshot of the HIEROPHANT website

The website also provides an installable progressive web app for a slightly more native experience on mobile.

Mockup of the HIEROPHANT app rendered on an iPhone

Want to get in touch? You can email me at or message me via Twitter at @tdjsnelling.

You can also check out more work over at GitHub.