Published 2023

Monaco is an open-source Formula 1 live timing dashboard.

Monaco is a real-time live timing dashboard for Formula 1 events.

It listens to the official live timing stream and renders the data in an information-dense but readable interface.


It displays live timing data for each driver (including mini-sectors) as well as car data such as speed, gear, RPM, throttle %, DRS, tyre compound, tyre age etc.

It also displays session and weather information as well as race control and other session messages. Driver radio messages are also listed and can be played back at will. An audio queue is played to notify the user on new messages.

The track map display includes each drivers’ live GPS position as well as markers for each corner and the start/finish line. The track map can also be expanded for a full screen view.

Users are able to set an optional delay value to ensure the state of the dashboard is in sync with video coverage they may be watching.

Check out the live dashboard or view the repository on GitHub.

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You can also check out more work over at GitHub.