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Contagious is for marketers seeking a competitive edge through creativity and innovation.

As my first major project at Clock, I was part of the team working on the contagious.com site. Being a market-leading marketing company, they needed a site that grabbed the attention of visitors and accurately communicated what they did as a company.

Contagious designs

I was one of 2-3 front-end developers working on the site, so was 'thrown into the deep end' as such, this being my first big client project. I certainly learned a lot - this was the first project on which I used Storybook to prototype React components in isolation, a practise that I now use on all projects I undertake.

Contagious designs

Later down the line, Contagious approached us again to redesign and build their subscriber platform, I/O. Again, I played a large part in the front-end development of this project, and I am very proud of the results.

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Credit: Clock.